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Coldstream Mechanical
Heating Services
in Vernon BC & the North Okanagan

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Heat Pumps


Duct Work


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Furnaces & Boilers

Duct Work

Heat Pumps

Central Heating

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Heat pumps



Duct Work


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Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

Gas Safety Protocols

Heating Diagnostics

In-Floor Heating Systems

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Coldstream Mechanical offers reliable, expert HVAC services for cooling systems throughout the North Okanagan

You want comfort, efficiency, and reliability when it comes to your heating system. Take comfort in knowing that Coldstream Mechanical will get the job done right! We offer reliable heating installation, repair, and maintenance services to keep your natural gas systems working safely and efficiently.

Our experts understand the need to cut down energy consumption to reduce utility costs and to help the planet. We help by installing and maintaining systems that keep you comfortable and that align with current energy efficiency standards. We install, repair, or replace boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps. Call us now!

Coldstream Mechanical not only offers furnace installations, repair, and maintenance in the North Okanagan, we also offer:

  • Installation of Thermostats

  • Installation and repair of ductwork

  • Filter replacement

  • Installation, maintenance and repair of central heating systems

  • Heating diagnostics & gas safety protocols

  • Heating system maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair

  • Boiler installation, repair, and maintenance

  • Air source heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance

  • Traditional water heaters & on-demand tankless water heaters

If you're looking for a reliable and reputable, locally owned and operated HVAC provider in Vernon BC, you've come to the right place! 

Why is Coldstream Mechanical a good choice to work on your furnace, heat pump, or other heating system in the North Okanagan?

  • Our certified HVAC technicians at Coldstream Mechanical know heating systems inside and out. This includes extensive knowledge of how to assess which furnace systems are right for Vernon BC homeowners and business owners and how to conduct regular preventative maintenance to avoid issues and failures of furnaces and heating systems.

  • We offer the BEST customer service around and we work really hard to keep our customers for life! After we provide furnace installation services, we also provide the option to book us for regular maintenance for heating system—either at the end of winter or in early fall—to ensure your furnace is running optimally, saving you money, and keeping you safe and warm all winter. We are never just "set it and forget it." We want your furnace to last a long time and give you the best heating experience possible. 

  • We also take the time to educate our customers about the importance of preventative maintenance of your heating system and show you the little things you can do to help maintain your system. 

  • Our office manager will also work closely with you to get all the paperwork done for heating rebates, ensuring you not only get the heating system (furnace, heat pump, etc.) that is right for you, but also that you save money by getting any rebates you're eligible for. 

  • We also understand that sometimes a furnace system breaks down and needs repairs, so we also offer furnace repair services for homeowners and light commercial businesses in and around the Vernon area. If you’re having issues with your furnace, give us a call. We are here to help!

close up of a digital thermostat at 36 farenheit

Here are some common furnace repairs we do around Vernon and the North Okanagan:

  • Fixing electric ignition or pilot control problems

  • Repairing or replacing a faulty thermostat

  • Fixing frequent cycling

  • Troubleshooting and fixing inadequate heating or dcomplete lack of heating if the furnace isn’t working at all

  • Stopping the blower from running continuously

  • Addressing lack of maintenance

  • Cleaning and replacing dirty and clogged filters

  • Inspecting and replacing moveable parts with general wear and tear issues

  • Troubleshooting furnaces emitting funny sounds or being too noisy

CSM HVAC Techncian working on furace at a vernon bc commercial property

Why Choose Coldstream Mechanical for Your Heating Needs?

Our Quality Assurance & Service Warranty

We rely upon premium brands to create an efficient heating system. Our gas technicians proficiently test your heating systems to ensure your comfort and meet all safety standards. Our heating services also come with amazing warranties for quality assurance.


We Help You Get Rebates for Your Heating Systems

Our Office Manager, Stephanie, will work closely with you to help make sure you fill out rebate applications correctly and include everything you need for the programs to issue the rebates.

Applying for heating rebates in BC can be a bit of a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing and many heating and plumbing companies in Vernon BC only point homeowners and business owners in the right direction for rebates and leave them on their own. Stephanie actually sits down with Coldstream Mechanical customers and walks them through the rebate applications and makes sure all bases are covered. This not only gives our customers peace of mind, it ensures their rebate applications don’t get held up because of missing or incorrect information.

Available rebates:

  • natural gas furnace

  • natural gas water heater

  • heat pump

  • natural gas boiler

  • natural gas combination boiler

  • hot water system

Modern Heating Solutions for all Vernon BC homeowners and Light Commercial Vernon businesses

Besides innovative technology and smart approaches, Coldstream Mechanical also considers current trends while strategically planning project-specific solutions. We help to create modern comfortable spaces powered by current energy-efficient technologies in a way that works best for your needs and your budget.

Comprehensive Heating Services for Vernon BC Residents

We offer fast and friendly services at affordable rates. Whether you need general maintenance heating services or it's a heating emergency, we have the knowledge, insight, and expertise to get the job done quickly and with the highest quality possible.

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